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The icon of our time is a painting that no longer lies on a stretched canvas, but of the screens that we look at every day. Faced with these backlit paintings, the image is no longer the receptacle of light, but light itself. Monoliths produced on a large scale, seductive objects of covetousness, these technologies become the source of modular light 2.0, smoothed in high definition. Supporting the images that we zap every day, these tools become – in our eyes – sources of stories to watch.

Absolute and infinite, this image gives the viewer the freedom to project whatever they want onto it. In front of the optical adventures of Bridget Riley, Vasarely or Carlos Cruz Diez, the eye has lost itself in the rigor of pixels and the dictatorship of lumens. What if, on the digital road, we tried to re-explore – with digital tools – the paths outlined by the artists of perception? If for once, we were not trying to display but to enlighten the viewer?

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