Tomek Jarolim is a visual artist and interaction designer. His installations question both the status of the viewer and the viewable himself, through research on the digital light and the color of the pixel. His work takes the form of generative images displayed on a wide range of devices: screens, smartphones, video projections, prints, stage performances, or directly on the eyelids.

The piece Invisibles 2009 – which he exhibits at the 14th biennial of young creators of Europe and the mediterranean in Skopje – allows him to approach a sensory work. He continues this research within the Diip program of Ensadlab (research laboratory of école nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs). Since 2010, he has been developing research on interactive lights, such as The eyes closed 2012 and Diffraction 2012, created for fabfest at la gaîté lyrique, Random Series 2014, Afterglow 2014 at cmoda in beijing, Suns 2016 at Palais de Tokyo, or Continuum 2017 at ourcq blanc. Award winner of the Franco-American cultural exchange grant, he went to school at the art institute in chicago, where he focused on a sound piece Ut Queant Laxis, choreographed by beth jucovy for the innovation in dance festival in new york.

At the same time, he is collaborating on projects such as augmented window 2011 by thierry fournier (center pompidou), Discontrol Party by samuel bianchini (la Gaîté lyrique), browse by motion (research and innovation institute of the center pompidou) with thierry de mey. He signed the digital creation of ring saga 2011 according to wagner’s ring of the nibelung, an opera directed by antoine gindt. He followed this collaboration with wanderer postscript 2013 and giordano bruno 2015.

Since 2015 he has been part of the Orbe team as designer and artistic director. The collective’s projects focus on mobility, cartography, situated media and the gamification of the urban landscape. The team has created Nodal.Studio, an online creative platform.

He joins Esac — École supérieure d’art et de communication de Cambrai in 2021. He brings his technical skills and tools to enhance the possibilities of the studying regarding graphic and interaction design.

Curriculum vitae