Shades of White

Contemporary dance, 2008
Choreography : Bruno Péré
Performers : Bruno Péré, Damien Chevron, Zaratiana Randrianantenaina
Creative coding : Tomek Jarolim
Within the framework of Les Affluents festival
Centre national chorégraphique Preljocaj, Pavillon Noir, Aix-en-Provence

Shades of White is the intention of discover the contemporary dance through the computer code. The idea is to accompany the performers with a video projection as the only source of light. This digital light moves between its red, green and blue components, sum of white, the color of the saturated picture. Trying to share the binary language with that of the body, Shades of White is looking for a compromise where the color is the closest relationship between feelings and emotions. Dancing in the dark, keeping quiet in the light, darkening the useless, leaving only the essentials : a body that seeks, undergoes and absorbs the world without being able to say a word. Shades of white confronts the body with an almost saturated light, during forty colorful minutes that play in front our eyes. Our skin becomes saturated with the pixel light for realer feeling. This dance-light-programming-feeling-sound union is a way of saying without our words, but those of the computer and the body.

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