Ut Queant Laxis

  • Installations
Installation sonore, 2008
Track C was used by Beth Jucovy for Innovation in Dance festival
Long Island Children’s Museum, New york

Ut queant laxis is the first verse by John the Baptist, a liturgical song written in the 10th century by the monk Gui Arezzo. This hymn is passed on to posterity because each of his verse starts on one of the notes of the scale, the first syllable of each verse has given its name to the note.

In this project, A, B, C , D, E, F, and G are cleared to become simple radio curves : taking them from a strange taxonomy Ut queant laxis is the ground zero of a trip in seven unnamed tracks. The stops are all spatialized sound inviting to stories to be, heared, muted, like an invitation to the perception. Each track changes as the listener / player moves in the space of diffusion.