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Translations is a series of chromatic walks that originate on screen. From the North Pole to the South Pole, these walks traverse the globe to glean colors taken from the intersections of majors meridians and parallels on Google Earth. This leads to a new mapping between pixels and GPS positions, between a digitized ground and an absent sea, whose representation is only made by a fictitious color.

This series presents itself as the displacement of real hues – and yet so false – from the world around us. From their distant satellites, these images are an algorithmic reinterpretation of colorimetric data towards a sensitive, monochromatic and vibrant print reference. The line becomes the motif, defining a patterned and geometric territory, opening the field to new continents, new territories.

Envisaged as an abstraction, the Earth’s globe becomes a reduction that invites us to travel, a grid of imaginary colors that attempts to shift the gaze from the black of the screen to the white of the paper.