• Installations
  • 01 Apr 2016
  • Palais de Tokyo
Light installation, 2016
LED wash lights, computer, dedicated software
Creation for the exhibition « La redite en somme, ne s'amuse pas de sa répétition singulière »

Winner of the Discovery Prize of the friends of the Palais de Tokyo in 2014, Sara Favriau (born in 1983, lives in Paris) deploys a monumental and poetic sculpture made of wooden cleats carved, sculpted and assembled in cabins-receptacles, in which several others artists are invited to exhibit. Sara Favriau invites several artists to expose within her installation. « Collaborative work is not only tying individualities, it makes them create together, to set up a conversation. This is why my choice is also to play the diversity and to go to other creative areas and get them to rub shoulders ».

Suns brings a fragment of sky inside this openwork cage. The trajectory of the stars and their ethereal rays  determine a new imperceptible cycle hour after hour, according to the exhibition, from east to west, from dawn to dusk.