• Video
Video series, 2011
Augmented Window by Thierry Fournier
Centre Pompidou, Paris
Within the framework of Futur en Seine 2011

Monochromes are video-walks in the district of Les Halles in Paris, presented in Augmented Window, a device by thierry fournier.

Constantly reduced to the average color of each image, these videos are a series of solid colors. They are offered to the visitors, not as visual records, but as a footprint, a sequence of tones. Only the sound can remind to the abstract reality of those wandering images. The eye discover flicker-films between the bright colors of the bystanders and the posters in the streets, and the darker shades of the buildings.

These Monochromes intend to underline the large range of colors that exist his the surrounding space, and to abstract the meaning in favor of the exploration. The visitor can project a history, rethink his own walk, or simply experiment the images effects that pop up in his retina. Without any other meaning than the experience itself, this series of video-monochromes tries to give something to see in another away the path on a landscape too saturated to be seen.