• Installations
Generative installation, 2009
14th Biennal of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, National Contemporary Art Museum, Skopje
Tout Doit Apparaître, École Supérieure d’Art, Aix-en-Provence
循環 (Loop Mode), K11 Art Village, Wuhan

Lines() is a installation which images are generated in real time. On the black screen, a line scrolls. Red at first, then green, and blue : the succession of the three primary colors of the light. As the rhythm accelerates, the colors blend to become one : the theoretical white of the light saturation. But the machine is limited that begin to be tangible here : this RGB never reaches that perfect white. Instead of it, colorful and visual illusions take place, combining the limits of the machine and of the eyes. In front of the broken lines, in  of a painful white, the retina is overwhelmed.

Through this installation, the question is about the image and its saturation : the color and the pixel, in  their purest shapes, allow to open the eyes on an image with no decoration. Lines() is a white full of bugs (those of the machine or of our eyes). This is the painful return of an image which saturates instead of achieving any meaning. In a way, this a cynical image drowning by its presence everywhere.