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When we go through digital period, humans strive to fulfill the innate need for interaction through various means of entertainment. The consequent enjoyment fills in the void created by the human tendency to solitude. However, technologies being an integral part of the reality, the human in the role of a “user” expects high accessibility, simplicity and clarity of content. During this situation. Who are we? How about our future?

“Inter-locution “addresses the notion of interactivity in visual arts. It is questioning the relationship between the artwork and the audience in the context of the future. In what ways or forms could the art connect with the spectator? How deep can this connection be, and where are the limits of it?

‘Inter-locution’ displays five work contributions that research the flow of this relationship, while playing on different human senses through interaction with various media. This desire to be engaged and connected at all times also translates into the relationship between the artist, artwork and the audience. The triangle is dependent mainly on the ever-changing power flow present between them. Relationship conditions could change according to attitudes; one has before facing the artwork and completely could transform during the process of connection or physical relation in the space. This process is cyclic, intimate, internal or even sacral, and countless invisible junctions bind the triangle. Entering the piece as a part of artwork, you are invited to explore your interior landscape through the stimulation of the senses where You are the destination of the journey, transformed into ‘Inter-locution’.


Samuel Bianchini
Tomek Jarolim
Angela Jimenez
Raphaelle Kerbrat
Giorgi Maghradze

Curating and organisation

Tako Dzagania Baramidze
Clare-Marine Gros
Ye Kaining
Anna Sutorova
Zhu Yuxiao

More information

4 Rue Moret 75011 Paris
Exhibition from June 18 to 22