Between black and white

  • Books
  • 04 May 2018
  • Siana
Digital book, 2018
135 pages, color

The image of our time is the one that is no longer painted on stretched canvases, but on electronic screens that we look at every day. Facing with these retro/self-lit pictures, the image is not the receptacle of light, but it is light itself. The flat screen of the living room is a rectangular source of light as intriguing as it is cold. Large scale productions, objects of covetousness, these state-of-the-art technologies become the source of a modulable 2.0 light, in high definition and anti-aliased. Supporting images that we swipe every day, these tools become – for our eyes – the source of stories to watch. But what if for once, we did not seek to display but to enlighten the viewer?