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Computer generated book, 2009
 280 pages

CMYK is a book created like an offset screen to challenge the viewer with an intangible representation. In a flip-book of cyan, magenta and yellow pages – the theoretical components of black – are reconstituted as the viewer turns the pages. For once, no pixel to see, but the primary colors flattened on paper, just waiting to be mixed. This is a book no to be read but to be looped, as the program with which it was made.

CMYK is a sensory breath on sheets, to head out of the computer and of the screen, to say that the colors are felt between two absolutes : the digital white and the offset black. Through the theoretical limits of color, CMYK intends to exceed the limits for a journey in virtual unquantifiable values ​​and feelings of our limited eyes. Published on its very concrete 280 pages, CMYK ensures the existence of colors as the perpetual source of digital images when his alter ego is standing by.

CMYK is available here.