Browse by motion

  • Interaction Design
Gestural search engine, 2012
Project manager : Nicolas Sauret
Interaction and graphic designer : Tomek Jarolim
Development : Alexandre Bastien
Interaction and graphic advising : Samuel Huron
Gestural grammar : Thierry De Mey
Futur en Seine 2012, Le 104, Paris
Design Metada, Centre Pompidou, Paris
With the collaboration of IDILL festival

Browse by Motion allows the user to navigate through gesture and no contact, within movement and dance films. A search query can be expressed and browsed inside the movies by reproducing dance gestures. The films are indexed on the basis of a gesture grammar developed by the choreographer and director Thierry De Mey.

Browse by Motion has been developed in collaboration with IDILL festival and with the support of MCC-DGCA (Ministry of Culture and Communication), in line with the project Finger’s Dance visited with Thierry De Mey in 2009 in collaboration with Strate College and Microsoft.