Abscissa / Exergues

  • Apps
Applications interactives, 2012
Within the framework of Augmented Window bt Thierry Fournier
Fort Lagarde, Prats-de-Mollo-la-Preste

Conceived and directed by Thierry Fournier, Augmented Window provides an interactive window on a landscape as the protocol for a group exhibition. An accurate view of a landscape is continuously filmed by a camera. Artists and authors are invited to submit works taking this landscape as a starting point : videos, interactive works, drawings, recordings, interviews …

Exergues :
Exergues is a series of contributions that reacts in real time with the landscape. Whenever the viewer touches the image, it darkens except the range colors he has touched. The view is reconfigured through the prism of a single color, solid color vision which leads to another imaginary. This series highlights the pure color in the landscape and its evolution in the digital image, imperceptible to the naked eye.

Abscissa :
The Abscissa series offers a sensitive reading of the landscape : each of its windows filters the video landscape in order to only display the lines of its pixels. These lines then become as a succession of horizons, resulting from the colors and movements captured through the device. At first glance, the video actually reveals an uncertain matter that changes with the imperceptible movements of the landscape and light.