The Merry-go-round : A Psychorotative Trip

Collective installation, 2005
Metal structure, Televisions, Videoprojectors, Screens, Projectors, Speakers
Realized within the framework of festival Arborescence / école supérieure d’art d’Aix-en-Provence

I chose a sonic reading of the idea of merry-go-round because I consider sound as the most impacting medium. Not only it goes with the merry-go-round in every forms of it, but it opens the mind to imagination, which is actually the very core of my questions. The root of this three-story structure is summarized in three words : imaginary, interpretation and real. I’ve been focused on the first word, with my ears… The journey begins : missing children hit the screens, like there’s no other places for them, nor for their games reduced to a weird cascades of insane sounds. As they fade out between songs and beeps, there’s still no place for us, the grown-ups. Shall we accept to be moving bones, like this skeleton inviting the show to go one. Where do we go ? The trip on this merry-go-round is given through sound, as a metal hexagonal vehicle with an opened roof. On the road, the corpse and up above, the sky that breaths, breaths again and turns around. It’s the evidence of this is a merry-go-round written in braille.

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