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Generative installations, 2009
Ne Lâchez Rien, La Compagnie, Marseille
Retour de Skopje, Château de Servières, Marseille
Printemps de l’Art Contemporain, Château de Servières, Marseille

Google Colors is a series of generative installation in which Google Image defines the palette of colors : we search the name of a color to display the resulting images, reduced to a pixel. The image becomes a patchwork of pixels, a colorful mosaic in the making, as a long sequence of medium colors, with a keyword in common of a colorblind search engine. The pixels follow slowly, wrapping up again and again. The values ​​are added until a final saturation of the mosaic : too much information, images, overlays. The resulting image of the overflow of a color leads to the iconic white monochrome, perfect, infinite and absolute… Visually, nothing moves anymore. The apparent immobility is yet constantly evolving, pushing the viewer to come closer to perceive the tiny. In this pure white, the screen is scanned to find the slightest trace of movement. While the image fades in tending to zero, these Google Colors tend to reactivate the viewer’s eye with microscopic units, where an immense images flow rules.

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