Biennial of young artists

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  • 17 Apr 2009

from his computer studies at the iut, tomek jarolim has preserved his taste for programms and codes, that inflexible and objective computer grammar which, via the computer tool, gives no room for randomness. until we come to invisibles. that is, two lcd screens « hung on the wall, like two paintings » linked to two computers controlled by two programmes. use the latter, he asks the machine to show through a loop, (a reference to human behaviour, which, when it cannot do something, tries to find another way) to show in red, green and blue on one screen (that is rgb, the three basic layers in digital imagery) which should theoretically produce white. and on the other, black and white, which it the mixture of all (in digital imagery, white is the maximum value) and void (when no pixels hit the screen). the result ? the machine is incapable of executing these so simple operations. and rapidly saturates. thus there is a bug (in reference to the human bug, retinal persistance). on one side, the white is never completely white ; on the other, it is never really void nor completely full. and it is perhaps exactly this in-between, which is the beginning of subjectivity ; arising in a machine considered moreover as infallible. which instead of remaining a tool, begins to create the light that attracts the spectator’s eye : then the interaction can start.

+: informations on carré sainte-anne.
+: bjcem in skopje, macédoine.