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  • 01 May 2014
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Art Beijing invites some 200 art galleries, art agencies, and art media from both China and abroad. Exhibited works cover a range of media, including Chinese calligraphy, oil painting, engraving, sketch, sculpture, installation, photo, video, antiques, furniture, and jewelry. The exhibition area is divided into “Contemporary Art” and “Classic Art” sections. Initiated in 2006, the Art Beijing is considered one of China’s most influential art fairs. In 2012, Art Beijing integrated the “Art Beijing Contemporary Art Fair” held each April and the “Art Beijing Fine Art Fair” held each September.

Within the framework of Croisements Festival 2014, Tomek Jarolim, visual artist and interaction designer, presents his latest creations at Art Beijing 2014. His installations question the status of the viewer and the viewable itself, through research on digital light and the color of individual pixels. With Random (2005,2014), the spectator is invited to the 16 777 216 of possible colours between these extreme values. Transitory and random, this installation is in fact a more developed, immersive and radicalised version of a collection of already existing projects, with sound. CMYK (computer generated book 2009, 280 pages) set up the image on an offset screen in order to attract the spectator’s attention with an intangible presentation. CMYK is a sensory breath on paper which moves away from the computer screen and confirms the colours’ sensational effect between the two ultimate colour saturations: digital white and offset black.

Information :

From may 1st to may 3rd
Beijing, National Agriculture Exhibition Center / 农业展览馆
Agricultural Exhibition Center of China, Hall 3
May 1st to 2nd, 12h-21h
May 3rd, 12h-19h
Tel: 010-6502 5798

Art Beijing
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