The Responsive I

  • Applications, Installations

generative text and sound
dedicated website — 2021

the responsive i is a project that focuses on the advertising message — both its form and its intention. using positive and benevolent slogans, brands make happiness a quest for performance, a posture and a social status. far from making people happy (and caring about it), these injunctions to better self are hammered out with a lot of positivity, inclusion and empowerment. doesn’t the slogan become an order? the message is powerful indeed, but refers to a constant sense of failure. not to be enough. not to be healthy enough, beautiful enough, efficient enough, strong enough… with the tools of computational literature, conviction plays with the advertising image, its codes, its messages, sowing confusion in its aesthetics. between catchphrase and warning, the responsive i explores the intent of its shady messages. by distorting the aesthetics of famous advertising slogans, warnings and prohibitions, the responsive i attempts to send the viewer back to the thin line between image and the impossible ideal with which it confronts us.