3 – 7 Sept. 2015 : Ars Electronica – Post City

Campus Exhibition : Université Paris 8

The Campus Exhibition by Paris 8 University presents thirty years of digital research and creative work from pioneering artists and researchers in the early years as well as from young contemporary artists today. It is divided into five categories: film screenings in 3D CGI; interactive art installations and experimental videogames; digital literature–such as hypertext novels and generative poetry–and digital and interactive performances; virtual reality systems and augmented interactive books; and behavioural objects and sensorial prototypes. The exhibition perfectly coincides with the determination of Paris 8 to showcase its dynamism in the digital field by naming 2015 the year of “Université 8.0: Le pari numérique!” – “University 8.0: the digital challenge!”.

Five Exhibition Segments :

Curator Jean-Luc Soret (FR) has divided the show into five clusters. There are films in 3-D; CGI, interactive installations and experimental video games; digital literature in the form of hypertext novels and generative poetry as well as digital interactive performances; virtual reality systems and interactive books; sensory prototypes and so-called behavioral objects.

More information :

THU Sept. 3-SUN Sept. 7, 2015, 11 AM-9 PM,
MON Sept. 7, 2015, 11 AM-7 PM
Kunstuniversität Linz

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