Andrea Crews AW 2012-2013

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  • 03 Mar 2012
  • Andrea Crews

Andrea Crews
Fall Winter

2012 is the 10th anniversary of Andrea Crews. 12 seasons later, Fashion, Art, Activism is still expanding.

AW 2012-2013
The 3rd March 2012 — 8:30 pm
At On|Off Paris — Espace Commines
17 rue Commines 75003, Paris, France

On Invitation only

SHOWROOM at On |Off, 1st—3rd March
at Andrea Crews studio, 5th—10th March, 25 rue de Vaucouleurs 75001 Paris, France
On appointment —

Mother Earth :

As global travelers we wander more and more around the globe. As we leave traces upon the earth, so do those international influences, leave traces upon us. Mother Earth is an eclectic homage to those people and styles that pass and step in our global path everyday.
Andrea Crews was born and made in Belleville, Paris, the capital of multicultural influence. Black, white, yellow, green and gold. Hand dyed marble silk, digital prints on jersey, hand made origami sweat shirt, recycled corduroy, leather jewelry, wood catapult, and 3D knitwear. Mother Earth the ground that connects us all.

Andrea Crews, we embrace you.
Love forever.

Collaborating artists and artisans for this collection :

Killian Loddo for this oversize graphic and painted scarves
Maristella Gonzales, Frederik Södderberg and Claire Duport, for their illustrations
Atelier Courtin, for their leather jewelry inspired by the four elements
Les Néréides, for the hand crafted wooden sculptured accessories
Poupée, in the Ashram of Pondichery, for creating the marble silk
Tomek Jarolim, for his visual engineering
Chantapitch Wiwaichakamol, for her visuals
Collectif Sin, for the music
Martin Butler, for his vision

Thanks to our beautiful and wild models :
Clara, Moon Kyu, Marie, Noémie, Sophie, Madgé, Dorcite, Constance, Coralie, Julien, Nathanaël, Romain, Andy, Boon, Bertrand, Zélig, Stéphanie, Kyuho.

Make up by Andrew Gallimore and his crew
Hair by Lyndell Mansfield and her crew

Mother Earth collection styled by Shirley Carel

Created by Nina Gander, Sojin Jung, Julien Couston, Oriane Jeanselme, Anji Dihn Van and Maroussia Rebecq