ACT Festival

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  • 22 Nov 2016
  • Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, Korea

The ACT Center (Arts & Creative Technology Center), which aims for creative convergence of artistic sensitivity and scientific technology, is a transdisciplinary organization wherein experts in diverse areas—artists, designers, researchers, engineers, etc.—collaborate and create cutting-edge convergent contents. As a space for introducing ACT Center’s future-oriented projects and contents and allowing domestic and foreign experts to interact and come up with creative and invocative ideas, ACT Festival presents four days filled with a variety of programs—showcase, A&T performance, international forum, artist talk, creation workshop, and more.


Overview of the outcomes of the ACT Center projects in 2016, and features media artworks contributed for the event.

ACT Center Showcase : Kinetic Media Lab, Mixed Reality Lab, Media Surface Lab, Open Lab
Invited Showcase : Haemin Kim, Changkyum Kim, Jeongju Jeong, Oliver Griem, Changmin Lim, Taeeun Kim, Jeonghwan Seong, Jisuk Yoo


The festival offers experience performances, audio-visual performances, and acrobatic performances that enable visitors to experience the enhanced world of art and technology.

Rhizomatics, Fuse*, Nonotak, Takami Nakamoto, Hiroaki Umeda, Yoosin Kim, Antoni Rayzhekov, Julien Bayle, Martin Messier


Part 1 : Medium Heterotopia: Heterotopian Issues in the Media
Part 2 : Asian Heterotopia: Heterotopian Issues in Asian Art Project

Artist Talk

Creators from across the world share their innovative ideas and practices through presentations.

Nov 24 : Gary Hill, Johann Nowak
Nov 25 : Betty Sargeant, Benjamin Chaykin, Jubilee Mayanja, Justin Dwyer, Vakki, Sunmin Kim, Suhun Kang, Seongchan Kim, Joonhwan Kwon, Seonghoon Ban
Nov 26 : Hyunwoo Bang, Antoni Rayzhekov, Fuse*, / *Pac, Noemi Schipfer, Darsha Hewitt, Joel Kwong, Tomek Jarolim
Nov 27 : Ryoichi Kurokawa, Cedric Huchet, Martial Geoffre-Rouland, Erik Molano


Learn how creators work. Venture into new experiments and researches.

Darsha Hewitt/100 Oscillation :
The goal of this collaborative and action-packed sound art / DIY electronics workshop is to build 100 square-wave oscillators as a means to create a semi-rhythmic/semi-danceable yet fully immersive sound environment. 100 Oscillations explores the value of a single, minimal, and repetitive voice as a powerful contributor to a wavy sea of oscillations.

Hiroshi Matoba/Making Node 1 :
This workshop aims to make a another version of node 5:5 (by Creators in Lab | Kinetic Media Lab). The workshops’ coordinator introduce participants how to access the test system of node 5:5 and let them learn how to control industrial quality actuator.

Martial Geoffre-Rouland/About Live Coding :
Frequently used in video games, scripting techniques are used to generate and easily compute visual content, behaviors and simple algorithms. We will see in this workshop how it can be used in the context of an interactive project, and how scripting can also help artists generate visual content without any strong programming skills. We will focus on generating animations around sound in real time.

Tomek Jarolim/Creating Coding 2.0 :
This workshop intends to seize the notions of Creating Coding 1.0 through the simplest way. Relying on the key notions of programming (generativity, interactivity, data visualization, digital light, sound, etc.), the participants will explore different tools that will eventually arouse their interest in using this method to create things. From the making of images to the understanding of computing concepts (variables, classes, functions, etc.), this workshop will be a place to browse various solutions and eventually increase the possibilities that can be created on desktops and mobile screens, and even graphic design. The final target will not be the finalization of the project, but the brainstorming, the discovering, and the opening of new perspectives to the artistic expression with digital tools.